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  December 22, 2016 | Immigration News & Announcements - Immigration Bridge LLC


625 ILCS § 5/6-115, expiration of driver’s license and proof of immigration status

Whether an applicant will be asked to provide proof of immigration status depends on when they first obtained their license. If the applicant obtained their first license prior to July 1, 2016, AND, their license has not been expired for over a year, upon presenting themselves for renewal, the applicant will not be prompted to provide proof of immigration status UNLESS they provide the staff with some document (work authorization card, passport, etc) that demonstrates their status. Therefore, unless the applicant presents the documents or declares their status to the staff member, they will not be asked to provide any documents related to their status.

 If the applicant is applying for their first license on or after July 1, 2016, they will be asked to provide documents to show their status and the document must have an expiration date. The license validity will be linked to the expiration of their status. The applicant will then have a tab on their file and will be prompted each time they visit a facility for their proof of status. If the client eventually obtains a green card, they should return to the facility and they can obtain an unrestricted license and the tab is taken off their file.

If the document does not contain an end date or expiration date, the staff has been trained to not issue a license. Therefore, in the event this situation exists or some other special circumstance arises, the General Counsel’s office should be contacted to provide the information and request review for a license. The General Counsel’s office reviews documents to determine if the person is eligible for a license. If the person is eligible, they will then call the closest facility for the individual and inform the staff that the individual is coming in to obtain a license.



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