Immigration Bridge LLC


Bill of Clients’ Rights

We are committed to achieve our clients satisfaction. That’s why we adopted the Bill of Clients’ Rights. We deeply believe that any client of Immigration Bridge LLC is entitled to the following:

Client Has a Right to Courteous and Respectful Treatment

The client is entitled to courteous and respectful treatment by his/her attorney and all personnel in the attorney’s office.

Client Has a Right to Full Fee Disclosure

The attorney is entitled to the full disclosure of the attorney’s fee. We value our time and we do charge for an initial consultation. There are various fee arrangements if we agree to take the client’s case. In such case, there is a contractual relationship between the attorney and the client. We may charge a flat fee or an hourly fee. In any case, you shall receive a written retainer agreement clearly explaining the fee arrangement and estimated amount of fees.

Client Has a Right to Competence

The client is entitled to competent representation by the attorney. Competency requires both intelligence and experience on the part of the attorney. There are ethical rules that prohibit an attorney from taking a case that is frivolous (lacks merit) or is intended to harass another person.

Client has a Right to Confidentiality

The attorney-client privilege means that generally the attorney (and all personnel in the attorney’s office) cannot reveal confidential information the client conveys to the attorney in the course of representation or when seeking representation.

Client Has a Right to Loyalty

The client is entitled to the attorney’s loyalty. The attorney cannot represent a client if such representation would conflict with the attorney’s representation of other clients. The Code of Professional Responsibility prohibits simultaneous representation of clients with directly conflicting interests. In addition, a conflict generally arises if the representation of a new client is in a matter adverse to a former client and if the subject matter is substantially related to the subject matter of the prior representation. In such cases, the attorney should only undertake representation if both parties have given informed written consent to the representation.

Client Has a Right to Regular Updates and Prompt Attention

The client is entitled to regular updates on the status of his/her legal matter. The attorney should promptly respond to the client’s questions and phone calls.

Client Right to His Funds

The attorney is required to keep client money and escrow funds in a separate attorney trust account. The attorney cannot use such funds without the client’s permission or unless he/she has earned the money. The attorney is also required to segregate and secure any tangible client property. The attorney has an obligation to promptly return any money or property to the client if the attorney is dismissed from the case or if the case ends.

Client Has a Right to Report Attorney Misconduct

Clients have a right to file a complaint with the state bar for alleged attorney misconduct. The supervising agency for attorneys practicing in Illinois is Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission located at One Prudential Plaza, 130 East Randolph Drive, Suite 1500, Chicago IL 60601-6219 (312) 565-2600.

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